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To live without the creative potential
of our own destructiveness
is to be a cardboard angel.

Sheldon B. Kopp


Name: Neeve (Niamh) Anya
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Eyes: Emerald
Species: Zelosian
Homeworld: Dorumaa (resort moon of Almas)
System: Cularin system

The Face of Our Own Shadow, Almas and its moon: Dorumaa (w/Sebastian Grout)
Corellia, Barghast (w/Auxelious & Darth Phantom)
Yule Ball, Alderaan (w/Auxelious)
The Dark Half, Alderaan (w/Alphonse Haven)
To be a Cardboard Angel, Dorumaa (w/Auxelious)

Ship: None
Weaponry: None

Personality: Inquisitive but hindered by the extreme superstitious nature of her species. Adores the sun, spending most her time on the beach of her homeworld sunbathing and swimming; she is still very attached to her more primal roots- the secret plant ancestry that Zelosians have.

Shadow-self (Liam): Only able to be seen by Neeve. 'He' is a manifestation of her darkness, long suppressed by days of serenity. A sprout from her dark heritage, wishing power and chaos- opposite from her own tranquil nature. Always will he be by her side influencing her decisions even if she is the sole one who can see him.

Appearance Neeve (Niamh):

Appearance Shadow-self: